Have you felt the stirrings of the change of season? The Spring Equinox 2023 in the Northern Hemisphere will be Monday, March 20 at 5:24 pm. It’s been warm, cold, rainy, a little snowy, blooming….it’s been some of everything in this run up to Spring, just like Life.

In Chinese Medicine, the Element of Spring is Wood….the green, flexible, sapling wood of Spring growth. Green wood bends in the wind, gives with the stresses and flexes, and doesn’t break. As Spring approaches on Monday, perhaps we can be willing to bend in the face of being pushed by Life. We won’t break, even if we flex more than we think we can.

Our suppleness can be supported by the loving energy of Reiki. Reiki is about Love, loving yourself, filling up with that Love and letting it spill over into your Life and those around you for a more harmonious, flowing experience. If you have studied Reiki, you know it can be a daily practice for a smoother, more joyful life. Spring is a great time for a Reiki treatment for yourself. Just giving yourself a little bit of love and kindness is a Reiki treatment, which is just a love treatment. And, I will be resuming Reiki Classes later this year.

Stay bendy!