I find myself in a new state of experience. A state of being filled up. That 51% creeps up on you. Earlier in February, as the post shadow of Mercury Retrograde finally came to an end, along with lots of reviewing, revisiting and reassessing, I felt like I turned a corner. While it seemed like overnight, it was of course the last teensy tiny step of many steps over the last several years.

Seemingly all of a sudden, I felt filled up. I don’t know whether it’s the support and love of so many in my life, especially my dear hearts Pamela and my sister Ann. Or whether it’s showing up for my sister in her time of loss as she showed up for me. Or whether a month off rejuvenated me. Or whether I’m far enough away from the stress of the last few years to finally be more present to what life is now. And life now is very, very good.

I’ll tell you something else I notice. As an empath (and I know a lot of you reading this are also empaths) I feel energy in my body: from clients, friends, family, even the energies around the planet. This is why grounding is so so important. We have to have a way to release and clear these energies or our health can be impacted. (Check out the Energy Practices tab on my website.) The more filled up my reservoir is, the less I take on the physical feelings of the energy around me, which can be very draining. As our energy field is stronger, we can receive the information we may need, but we don’t take on the energy, or we shed it quickly. This is also a function of compassionate detachment: we have compassion but stay on our own path, which protects our energy. That’s hard to do if we are in a deficient energetic state. The less filled we are, the easier it is to get drawn into someone else’s energy and story.

My family had a zoom call a few days ago about an upcoming vacation we will all have together: Pamela, my sister Ann, my nephews and me. It was a wonderful and lighthearted connection time. My sister later texted me that I looked so happy and unburdened. She said she hadn’t seen me look like that for years. What she was noticing was that my energy reservoir was filled up, and that allowed for free flowing good feeling to circulate through me, fill me up and spill over to everyone and everything around me. All for the highest good!

It’s never one thing that creates change. It’s lots of little steps, baby steps over time. And finally, we cross that 51% threshold and it seems like a sudden sea change. All the previous steps were necessary, all at the right time. And even if it’s a long time coming, we finally remember our light.