Good Morning! I invite you to feel into the energy this morning. As I mentioned yesterday, the sense of 2018 energy is “unleashed”. There are powerful currents flowing underneath everything we see, pushing things to resolution, connection, unveiling….the energy may feel hard and fast at times, but we are up to the challenge! We have been preparing (whether we knew it or not) since 2012 for this shift and it is here! While Winter is a hibernatory time, and a necessary time to refill your reservoir, you will also see manifestations popping up almost instantly in response to your requests to the Universe. We are one with All That Is and there is always a response to our requests….maybe not the one we expected, but always a response. There has to be! We pull and the Universe responds. Now is the time to be willing to be unknowing, but sending out desires, eagerly anticipating whatever is for our highest good, better than we can imagine! I’ll be keeping you updated with how I feel the energy shifting. Love to All!

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