Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….
I have a recurring fantasy: I have a lot of time off, I stay home, I don’t go anywhere, and I get everything done around the house that I never seem to have time to do, or don’t make time to do. And then, it happened! I had quite a bit of time off recently, I stayed home…..and somehow, I didn’t seem to get much done. It turned out that what I needed to do, what my “job” actually was, was to Rest.
I sometimes talk about the “do be do be do” principle…. (thank you Dan Dan the Rainbow Man and Frank Sinatra) …..which means we need to do some, be some, do some, be some. Our society and our world encourage “doing” all the time, and “being” is not a valuable commodity…..after all, what are we accomplishing by just being? And thus, we miss the point.
We need to “be” in order to “do”. We need to fall silent, rest, zone out, do nothing, loll around on the couch, daydream….in order to fill up our reservoir so we have the energy and enthusiasm to “be”.   We always worry that if we are tired, if we need to rest, we are lazy or we’ll never get ourselves together to do what we need to get done. But sometimes we need to do less, we need to hibernate…..and now is the season to do just that.
What I’ve learned is that I often don’t need to get done the things I think (or want) to do…..certainly not in the very moment I think I need to do them.  And if I push through the tiredness, I just feel terrible. Sometimes we are tired or low energy because we are processing old energy, and we need to give ourselves the time and space to do that, or the old energy weighs on us and eventually hinders our health. I have personally experienced this a number of times. I feel the need to take a break, or rest, I resist, I get sick. I didn’t honor what my Inner Being was trying to tell me, trying to get me to hear and feel, through the signal of the tiredness. But my stubborn human mind can be very obstinate, very hard-headed.  You’d think I’d learn! But that is what we have a lifetime for, to learn to listen to our Higher Self, our True Wisdom, our Integrity, the Love we Are.  And eventually act on that Love more than we ignore it – at least 51%!
There are times when I need to rest and take it easy that I can almost feel the energetic gears grinding away….and that is the work I need to allow at the moment….I don’t need to know what is processing or what I’m moving through. I just need to trust my Inner Intelligence which is indivisible from All Loving Intelligence.  What I know now is that if I trust it out (one could say, if I am patient, although I prefer trusting it out!) I will eventually move through it (at just the right time!) and that rest clears the way for regeneration and rejuvenation, and allows me to fill up so I then can do what is appropriate – which may not be what I would like to do or think I need to do.
Listen to your inner wisdom….and you will know when to do and when to be.