When we are grounded, we are more able to be present. When we are present, it is easier to connect with our Higher Self, which is the Love that we are.When we connect with our Higher Self, it is easier to feel the peace and harmony that is inherently our true nature.

Grounding is essential to our spiritual health, and often to our physical health. We can’t be “in our head” all the time. We need a balance. Even if the world is a difficult place to be in, we need to find a way to embrace our worldly body and life, while remembering we are truly divine.

We don’t always feel it when we do grounding exercises. It’s still important to practice grounding whether you feel it or not. I can attest to this. I grounded for years and couldn’t feel it as I was doing the exercise, but I know it kept me more balanced and focused. My tendency is to live in the astral, to kind of always be “out there” and grounding brought me back to earth where I live and needed to be.

When we ground our energy, we connect with the cosmos and the earth, anchoring between them. Our Higher Self and the Universe are the perfect balance of yin and yang. Here on earth in our human condition, we vacillate in the balance of yin and yang, affected by all that is happening around us and within us. Grounding helps us balance and handle the influx of any change, within or without.

A simple grounding technique is to imagine the energies above you in the heavens. This is yang energy. Breathe in this swirl of energy through the top of your head. With continued gentle inhales and exhales, breathe it all the way through your body down to your feet, and then exhale the energy down into the heart of the earth. Now again with gentle inhales and exhales, breathe in the earth energy, the yin energy,  all the way up through your body.  The cosmic  and earth energy will mix in just the right proportion in your body. You can send it with your intention just to where you need it most in your body. Just a few seconds several times during the day can stabilize and harmonize us.

Another way to ground ourselves is to attach our silver cord into our second chakra, our hara, and then send it all the way down to the center of the earth. I do this every night and during the day. It helps me with all the high frequency energy I use that can literally knock me off my feet sometimes.

Our hara is where our Higher Self energy sits in the body.  Hara means ocean of energy. So when we imagine inserting a silver cord (or whatever color you like) into our hara, about 2 inches below our naval, and then sending it down into the earth, we are grounding our divine energy with the earth, intending balance. I do this at night because at night,  we might travel out of our bodies processing energy,  perhaps astral travel to ask for assistance and seek answers. This might be what happens when we have those dreams that seem so real, or we suddenly understand something, or receive information that guides us.

When we attach the silver cord, we can see it extending above us, and we simply state that if we leave our body, we  find our way back easily via our silver cord and our energies are seated firmly in our body before we wake.  Sometimes I wake up and feel somewhat discombobulated, and it takes me hours to feel settled in my body, and I realized, I forgot to put in my silver cord. It makes a difference!

We move more effortlessly in our body when we are grounded.  I know when I am ungrounded, I knock into things, drop things, fall over my feet. I used to think (and was told) I was clumsy….now I realize I was just ungrounded.

Our Mother Earth is more than happy to offer up her nurturing, nourishing, loving , grounding energy. We have only to dip into her infinite wellspring and inhale the nectar.