When my recently published book It’s All About Love: Metaphysics Demystified (A Handbook for Life) came out, my friend Karen asked me right away, did you talk about Here Now More Better in the book? And I realized I didn’t mention this lovely affirmation.  I think after all these years it has become seamlessly integrated into my way of thinking. I often use I am all taken care of and Here Now More Better interchangeably.  I still am in the throes of  amazement and gratitude for a lifelong dream coming true with the publication of my book.  I really am experiencing the Here Now More Better!

All affirmations or mantras are useful to bring you to the feeling of the words being true.  We could repeat the words a thousand times a day to no avail if we aren’t moving ever closer to truly feeling what we are saying 51% or more.  And moving to the feeling and crossing the 51% threshold takes trust and time. When we cross the 51% threshold, we create the fertile space to bring forth the best version of what we are affirming, whatever is for our highest good.

Here Now More Better first means I am willing to embrace what is happening now. I trust it. I may not like it, but I trust it. Right here, all is well, it is moving toward the good, maybe in some weird, wonky way . . . but moving toward the good nevertheless. I am willing to find some peace and acceptance right here and now. As much as possible, I release the idea that I will be be happy when . . .

And then Here Now More Better means I am am ready for even more good, better than I can imagine.  And it could also mean:  I love what is happening right here and now, and I want even more of this good.

The trick here is to not be attached to what we think has to happen from here. We can certainly desire a certain outcome, and then we must release that and make space for what is for our highest good, and the highest good of all concerned, in trust. It’s tricky to desire and not be attached. Humans have expectations. We can be willing to release them, and it’s tough to release them 100%. We release them as much as humanly possible. We can practice this release and trust by saying, I want this . . . this or something better, whatever is for my highest good.

We have compassion for our humanity.  We have compassion for our anxiety and sense of struggle, compassion for wanting something to be a certain way . . . and then we are willing to skip the anxiety step, to give up the struggle, to be in the unknowing. We are willing to meet with acceptance and trust the Here and Now, and have the sense of, I can’t wait to see what unfolds from here, for my highest good – and that of all concerned. It will be even more and better.