The Summer Solstice arrives on Friday, June 21st at 11:54 a.m. EDT. This is the day with the most hours of sunlight – often referred to as the longest day of the year. I love the feeling of brightening that is happening right now . . . every day until June 21 contains more light, more sun, more illumination, on every level that we wish to open to.

This is a wonderful, powerful time to allow all that dynamic light to wash over us and through us, taking with it all the detritus and baggage we have accumulated over the course of our lives. It will flow right in to the portal I spoke about in my last newsletter. This portal is wide open, and will transform the flow pouring into it and return buoyant, uplifting energy to us in an endless, loving loop.

Release can be painful, we may need support and guidance. It’s good to seek out the help we need, and as we ask, it will be shown to us. I am noticing that the energy of this time and this portal is clarifying issues for me quickly and crystal clear. As I ask for help with situations where I have felt confused, fearful and resistant, and have the 51% confidence and ease and trust that I am all taken care of, the answers are dropped into my consciousness from my wisest Self, in concert with the loving Universe, of which we are an indivisible part.  I always ask for my answers to be crystal clear – that’s how I need to see and hear them, to get through to my hard headed human self. And I have great compassion for that hard headed human self.

When we walk through the fires that burnish us, we come out brighter and lighter on the other side. And since there is no way around but only through this life, it helps to remember we are never alone. On the contrary, we are All One. I draw on that immense strength and support which gives me comfort all through the day. It is ours for the asking and receiving. We are an integral part of this fabric of the Universe. We are part of the Light and Love we call on.

I invite you to open to the Light and Love that is here for us and that we already are. As we open our hearts and minds in trust, we will be reminded of our essence of good and love and joy. The tiniest remembering will lift us into the Light. And I will remember you are Light and Love until you do.