I give this energy exercise to students in my classes. When we work with energy, or simply are living our lives, we can feel depleted. Sometimes we feel we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. We can’t give or serve from an empty vessel.  We can’t give anything to anyone else if we are empty, or need what little energy we have just to keep ourselves going.  We need our reservoir, our moat to be at least half full, so our energy can effortlessly keep creating more of itself. When we are less than half full, we have to work hard just to get to the halfway point.  At halfway,  we can rest in that nourishment while our energy has enough energy to happily keep filling our moat.

I find this filling exercise very helpful. You will also find it on my website http://wellgoodwork.com  under the Energy Practices tab.

First, it is helpful to ground yourself. This practice is also on my website http://wellgoodwork.com under the Energy Practices tab. Then use this:

Filling with the Violet Flame from St. Germaine (An Ascended Master, closely associated with Mt. Shasta in California)

Imagine or pretend a violet flame in the earth under your feet, without heat. It enters your feet, and it begins to fill your toes, feet, ankles, lower legs, thighs, torso, arms, hands, shoulders, neck head, to the top of your head…..see it rising up your body, until you see yourself completely full, feel it . . .and let it take as long as it takes to fill each part of your body. Sometimes when I set the Violet Flame into motion, it may take an hour to fill my feet. I just keep checking on it throughout the day. Sometimes, I start it up and I feel it flow up effortlessly all the way to the top of my head. But not always. Usually it takes some time to fill. Sometimes I see violet tendrils reaching up and then the full flow follows after some time. Just notice what is happening. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to fill, even if it takes days.

Then see it spilling out from your hands, heart, third eye and crown . . .because you are full.  It spills over to the moat, the cushion of energy surrounding you, and when that is full, it spills over to everyone and everything around you, circulates through the universe, returns to you multiplied, pours into your crown and even more fullness spills out to be circulated again . . .

This is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to nourish ourselves right now. We have a lot of demands on our energy from life in general. In addition, the tension of moving from the yang of spring to the more expansive yang of summer or from any season to the next can take a toll on our energy reservoir.  Our strength and capacity is ramped up when we do this practice. We can do it over and over. It allows us to see and feel how much filling we need and how filled we are. When we are filled, we function more smoothly, we rest better; and we more easily  remember and feel the energy of Love we already are and we flow that more easily, to ourselves and others. We feel the harmony of Life.