When I’m not feeling well or can’t sleep, I call on my angels/guides. The other night I asked my angels to help me sleep, and I heard the message clearly:

You don’t have to keep asking. You already said YES to receiving help. We and All That Is are indivisibly, seamlessly connected to you. We are all one and the same, all part of the ocean of energy. It is as if we are joined at the hip and we have to respond when you request, no question. We are always here waiting for instructions. Just tell us what you want/need. And know you will receive what is for your highest good.

Their message reminded me of Mark 11:24: Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Sometimes we need to hear a truth in our own vernacular. The truth is expressed in many ways so many can hear it.

And I did what they said. I thought, what did I really want? I really wanted/needed a good, deep sleep. So I said, Hold me. I need to feel that peace and comfort I felt this afternoon lying on the couch and falling asleep. That’s what I want right now. Hold me.

I felt their embrace. I relaxed into that loving energy. And I fell deeply asleep. If it’s a stretch to think of angels, think of your go-to person when you need a hug, comfort or understanding. My dear Pamela and I will say to each other: I need a hug! We can always summon up the memory of the solace we have received from a person who loves us and shows up for us.

I had nothing to lose by asking for and receiving help. And a good night’s sleep and ease to gain. It’s simple (but not easy, I know) to let go of focusing on what we don’t want (I can’t sleep) and focus on what we do want (Hold me, comfort me). It works for any situation.

By practicing receiving what is already ready to be given to us, we build trust. We may think we need to be patient, but the patience is just in building our trust to the 51% that we will receive what is for our highest good and that of all concerned.

We may think/feel we are taking a leap, but the net is already there, we will grow wings, or there is no ground.