What if our New Year’s Resolution was to love ourselves more?

I love teaching Reiki. Maybe because it’s all about Love. Yes, we learn to do Reiki treatments in Reiki I and how to do long distance or remote Reiki treatments in Reiki II; and as a Reiki Master you may attune others to Reiki and teach Reiki. But in order to do all that, we need to be willing to open ourselves to the inherent Love that we already are. Reiki is not an exclusive, separate energy that we are using to heal someone else. Reiki is simply the practice, the lifelong practice, if you choose, of continually receiving, “channeling”, the Love that infuses us always, first for our healing. You can think of it from The Universe, God, Source, Spirit, All that Is, Nature, Inherent Good…..everything, including us, are all the same Loving Energy. Reiki simply means Universal Life Force Energy.

Another wonderful thing about Reiki is how easily we can give ourselves a self-treatment. A self treatment with Reiki can be just one minute, but just like meditating for just one minute, that loving attention which makes space to return to our center can be profound and profoundly healing.

For me, Reiki is always about connecting to our Higher Self where all our love resides. So it’s essentially a practice about Love. If we ever want to offer loving energy to others for them to use in their healing, we must give from a full vessel. So the way I teach and practice Reiki is about filling up with this loving energy and letting it spill over in offering to all those around us, whether we do a hands-on treatment or not. The ceremony of the Reiki Attunement which takes place in each class helps open our “channel”, our receiving ability to the continuous flow of Universal Loving Energy of which we are an indivisible part. We consciously recognize this energy that is always available, but to which we do not always say “YES!”.

Reiki helps us say “YES!” Yes to Love, Yes to Life, Yes to receiving and circulating that Love, to ourselves first. It has to start with us.  The Love we learn to flow in Reiki lubricates the gears of Life, and that helps us have a smoother and more harmonious life experience. Come join me in Love.

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