When we let go of resistance, we are more present. When we are more present, it’s easier to allow the Love that we are to flow through us into our body, lives and experience. This is how we can experience health, wealth and happiness….no matter what things look like.  This is how we can begin to feel less affected by outside people, conditions and things.  Sometimes these things seem impossible to experience! How do we let go of resistance?

All resistance is resistance to loving ourself in some way. Read that again. All resistance is resistance to loving ourself in some way. If we are feeling tight, restricted, unhappy, things are not flowing smoothly in our life, we are somehow resisting the harmony we naturally are. This is how life is designed. So we can feel the restriction, feel our resistance, take responsibility that we are reacting to circumstances in some way, and choose to respond differently. Choose to trust in the face of the unknown. Choose to surrender to the wisest part of ourself. Be willing to find the peace in the midst of the chaos, not stop the chaos. How do we do this?

We focus on what we want, not what we don’t want. We don’t focus on the fear, the unknown, the waves that are battering us. We acknowledge them, and we breathe and are willing to lean into them, move through them, ride the wave, knowing we are taken care of, even if we don’t know how. We can focus on being grateful for something, anything. We can ask, what would make me feel good right now? What can I do to be loving and kind to me right now? What would make my heart sing right now?

Albert Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” We have to try something different. We can try trust and love. Sometimes we just have to be desperate enough to try something so drastically different.

Each time we are willing to trust the Love that we are, that is part of All That Is, that has all the solutions and all the support and all the answers for us, we lay in a gossamer wing of love and good feeling. We might not feel it or believe it at all. This is where mantras and affirmations come in. The words don’t change things, but they move us toward a new feeling. When enough gossamer wings get laid in, when they reach critical mass, we can finally feel them, we finally reach the 51% tipping point in our good feeling, and the relief comes, the resistance evaporates. We feel the Love we are.


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