We are in the throes of the Doyo, which Traditional Chinese Medicine considers to be the 10 days or so before and after the change of seasons, and a time of sometimes painful transition and transformation.
The Summer Solstice is Monday, June 20, 2016 at 6:34 PM EDT.  We are moving from the Wood element of Spring to the Fire element of Summer. We are evolving from the thrusting energy of Spring, of wanting to bring balance and order out of chaos, into the possibility of joy, intimacy, and warmth of the Summer season as we celebrate the beauty in everything. It is the time to rekindle our fiery passion for life.
Monday will be the day of the year with the most hours of sunlight, a beacon of light and for the second half of this “9” year. This is a year of completion and resolution, cleaning up old business, burning away the layers that are hiding our light. In that scorching and searing, the way is cleared for the seeds of our new beginnings to be planted in preparation for the “1” year of 2017.
In all that I witness in myself and others, I see the themes of deconstruction for reconstruction, disorder to reorder, the last gasp of letting go of what is already collapsing…..to allow for the regeneration and renewal. The phoenix is already stirring in the ashes. We are challenged to let go of our resistance, our holding back….so that we may experience our rebirth – and fly.

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