What happens when we fill up with the Love that we are? When our reservoir is bursting and overflowing?  Why……we float! To wherever we need to go, whatever is our next step.  We don’t even have to know what it is …..we just have to be willing to release what we might be holding onto that is unlike love, whatever is weighing us down, even if we don’t know what it is, and make space – you can’t fill a vessel that is already full – and receive all the Love the Universe and our Higher Self has to offer. For what purpose? To what end? To take us where we need to go, for our highest good.
We release, we are willing to receive, and then we remember what our true nature is. When we circulate that love and good feeling, to ourself first, we don’t have to worry about the details, the plan, the visualization. Certainly plan, intend, visualize, if it contributes to your good feeling. But really, all we have to do is be willing. Willingness is the key. It opens the door to the support of the Universe. It’s how we say Yes! And yes, we also have to be willing to be uncomfortable as we try something different: staying present, releasing, and receiving what is for our highest good……and being unknowing in the process. We can trust the process. Even if it feels uncomfortable……temporarily. This will pass, in the right time, and we will feel our buoyancy….we will remember we are light, and we will float.

One thought on “Floating

  1. Love this so much… we’re “Floating” which is exactly how I was feeling when I created my painting entitled “Floating”… your words soothe my soul dear fran!

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