Like it or not, we are having to take a big pause. Each of us will use this break differently. There are no “shoulds” – so give up shoulding on yourself. We only know for ourselves what supports us best, what is most loving. For some of us, we will learn those things for the first time. We may never have had the time before!

Maybe just maintaining day to day is the most loving and the best we can do. Maybe forgiving ourselves every time we want to judge ourselves for what we are not doing is what we need to focus on. Maybe just taking some time to allow all the grief we feel to flow through us is what is called for. I really like this article:
That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief by Scott Berinato.

And maybe we just need a little compassion for ourselves and the world while we all transition through this planetary reset. Maybe just a breath now and then, which helps us open our hearts. We are already getting through this, one way or another. We don’t need to understand what anyone else is doing. We can’t understand anyone else’s path or why they are doing what they are.

Now more than ever is the time to trust our own Higher Self, our own inner wisdom and guidance, and our indivisible connection to Spirit. And that allows us to be present, and more loving than we can imagine.