We are Love. The Heart of the Universe opens and expresses everything, including us. Love begets Love. We are Love.

Once we are expressed, what are we to do with our lives? We Love. Our true work, our true mission in life is to circulate Love and good feeling, to ourselves first. We fill up with that Love and it spills over to everyone and everything around us. Why?

Because it feels good to us. Because if we don’t circulate that love, the Heart of the Universe breaks a little.  We are created out of Love (by the Universe if not by the people giving birth to us) and the Universe/Spirit/Love asks us to acknowledge that. To feel the Love we are inherently. To know we are love just the way we are. No matter what we accomplish or don’t accomplish, we are still Love. And we are still meant to Love, which means sending Love out to the Universe. It’s as easy as sending our breath. Just exhale the Love we are to the All. Even if we can’t feel it, we can know it.   And then we are meant to receive that Love as it circles back.

The Universe depends on us to send that Love out for its expansion. And in that expanded state, it gives even more Love back to us, with our next inhale. If we don’t realize we are inherently Love, and don’t circulate that Love intentionally, to ourselves and others, as best we can in the moment, we starve the Universe a little bit.  The Universe says, Oh, I could have expanded a bit more with your Love, so I have even more to send to you and everyone. But as you deny the Love you are, you deny the All and everyone and everything in it of the benefit of even more Love. All you have to do is own the Love you are and send it out. Just with a breath. Just as we can starve our human bodies of the nutrition we need by not paying attention to what lovingly feeds and nourishes us, we can starve the Universe of our contribution of Love. The more we are realize the Love we are and breathe that into the Universe, the more Love the is for us and everyone to receive with our very next breath.

This is why we must receive, both in our human lives and in Spirit.  We are not meant to only give. We are meant to receive or we don’t complete the circle of Love.

This is what we have a lifetime for, to learn all of this. To practice all of this. To suffuse everything we do with this practice. And that’s how we feel joy.

The Heart of the Universe is infinitely expanding into limitless Love. We already are that Love. We Love. And we are Loved.