Ask anyone and they will tell you this year has been moving at an accelerated pace… we are, in this rocket we call Life, sometimes hanging on for dear life, or dear joy, or dear present-ness. The same powerful energy that is fueling the acceleration is fueling manifestations. Are you noticing that long dormant projects are being brought to the light and completed? Old business is finally being attended to? Issues that have been dogging your energy are finally being cleared? Things hidden are becoming exposed?  Miracles abound this year…..and I have been privileged to hear and experience so many of these happenings.  

For me, this year has been about inhabiting the present moment. In order to feel grounded – instead of feeling buffeted – and use the support of all of the powerful waves of energy that are pouring in all around us, we can always breathe, check in with the present moment, ask one of my favorite questions: what is happening right now? Is everything OK in this one moment? Yes, there are things to deal with and think about…..but right now, in this slice of Now, if I really notice, if I am really willing, all is well, everything is OK, I am not flying off the edge of the Universe. I am completely taken care of. And then I check in with the next moment and the next. This is the gift and beauty of being willing to be present. This practice creates a spaciousness, a softening to the racing of Life around us. It allows us to feel joy, in that exquisite, present moment, no matter what is happening around us. It allows us to sink into our true Nature of peace and love.

I invite you to take breath and just feel what is truly happening in this moment, just this present moment….

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