We are always part of the Universal flow of energy. Everything is moving molecules, including us.  We can’t always see the energy moving, but we can feel it. We don’t see the wind, but we feel it. We don’t see the energy that makes the hair stand up on our arms, but we feel it. When we look at a cup or a table, we don’t see the molecules moving, but we know they are moving. When I connect with my Higher Self, I feel the energy I am more than I feel my body.

We think things are solid, because the molecules are moving slowly enough to look and feel static. But energy never stops moving.  The Universe is always accelerating and expanding: “plus-ing” not “minus-ing”.  A positive, not a negative.

Metaphysically, that expansion means that everything in the Universe is moving toward more good. I know this is a vast over-simplification, and it is also how I resolved this issue in my mind.   I like things to be simple and direct. This idea works for me.

I feel the energy in the world around me and I notice when the feel of the energy  changes. Many of us do. We feel that electricity with another person, or the calming energy of a special place. The energy of the ocean is very palpable to me. And I feel when the energy rises, when a portal opens.  It happens periodically, and when I feel it, I notice others feel it and write about it. We are all part of collective One Mind, and when we are open, we share in the awareness of the waves of energy from the continuously flowing, dynamic Universe. I felt this shift again in this last week.

The only way I can describe the inflow of energy that feels different than it was the moment before is by calling it a portal. It actually feels like an opening, a window in the Universe through which an increased, or higher or fuller flow of energy begins to pour in our world, all around us, through us. As always, we have a choice. We can resist, or we can allow. We have free will. The energy is offered to us and we can choose how to use it. We can choose to use it for our highest good and that of all concerned, simply by allowing and embracing this enhanced flow of energy.

Each shift in the Universal Life Force Energy has a particular quality to it. The quantity is limitless potential, perfectly expressing. The quality is the infinite expression of that potential. This wave, this shift, this portal feels like an open maw, voraciously willing to accept all our old patterns, anything we want to throw off: yokes, mantles and bonds inherited or taken on in our lifetime that no longer serve us. It’s like a huge bonfire or transformative vortex into which we can empty all that is interfering with our light, all that is weighing us down.  The portal takes in all the energy we are giving it and transforms it into love and light and delivers it back to us in the natural circle of life energy.

As we are vulnerable enough and courageous enough to let go of the old, known and comfortable (and uncomfortable at the same time),  we make space, just with our intention and willingness. As André Gide said (thank you, Becky, for introducing me to this quote):

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

As this portal opens and receives, as we empty and release, we may feel temporarily adrift as we trust the energy will be supplied to us – as it must. It is always offered, available, we just have to say YES! and receive it. We have given something up that no longer serves us, and we receive the uplifting, expanded energy that is always circulating for our use. We and everything in the Universe are the automatic, natural, inherent recipient of the always orbiting, ever expanding, loving Universal energy.

What do we do with this energy the portal is delivering to us? It feels to me like a new chapter, a fresh  cycle, a rebirth . . .  infinite potential and possibilities. Are you ready to turn a corner, look at life with new eyes, have a renewed perspective? What do you want, right now?   What do you wish for in your heart of hearts? What would make your heart sing and soar?

We don’t have to know the details of our desires, we don’t have to have a clear vision.  We grease the gears of Life with our good feeling, our intent, willingness and trust. We trust out the process as we bob in the midst of the sea of expectation, with no sight of the shore. We do whatever we are called upon and inspired to do, and as we do our part, the Universe prepares its part. We make space, and then we gradually come to the 51% certainty that the process is completing in Spirit, in the invisible. The Universe pulls all the threads of the tapestry to complete an answer to our desire. The energy always will deliver a response, a solution, a guidepost for our next step. The answer is delivered into the space that we have made. The portal will deliver our answers or guidance sooner rather than later.

And for a time, we are in the unknowing. Life is always changing, the river of energy continuously flows, and we are part of that river. We can’t stop the river.  It will naturally flow around all obstacles. We can use the energy of this current portal for entry into the doorway of our next step, a boost onto our new path. We can use it for anything we want. We don’t have to know what that next step is.  The flow of energy will take us where we need to go, around all obstacles.

My feeling is this portal is open at least until the Summer Solstice, the day with the most hours of sunlight. If we are not moved to take a leap right now, that’s okay too. It may not be our time to shift. We can trust our inner guidance. There will be another portal that opens. Just like a bus, another one will be along directly.

One of my mantras is: It’s all taken care of. Everything is already taken care of. I am all taken care of.  The other one is: I let go everything that has already served me, that I am ready to release. I make space to receive more good than I can imagine.  I share these affirmations with you as a starting place for your own declarations. We are all at the edge of this precipice, this launching pad into the next phase of our life. The mantras help move us to the 51% feeling that these statements are true.  And then when we reach that 51% feeling of certainty that our next step has been orchestrated in the invisible, and we have made space for it to migrate into our lives, into our visible experience, we take flight.