I have kind of a silly thing that I say to remind me that all is moving toward the good. If one shoulder is hurting and one is fine, I try to avoid labeling one shoulder as bad and one as good. One is just not feeling as good as the other, thus, one is good and one is gooder. Yes, a made up word, I know . . . but it reminds me that Life is good and always moving toward more good . . . often in a very convoluted, human way, but moving toward good nonetheless. And the “good” shoulder reminds me to take loving care of myself, because I have to be more aware of what feels good and what doesn’t.

There’s good in everything, if we are willing to be aware of it. Everything is for our benefit, ultimately . . . and sometimes that benefit is just to help us take more loving care of ourselves. Even in the most difficult of circumstances where we are hard-pressed to find any good, the good might be that we have the utmost compassion for ourselves for what we are going through.

Thinking of things as good and gooder just might make us laugh and lighten us up a bit. And letting in a little more light is always very, very good.