Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….

We are at the end of another year. A natural time of reflection. So I started thinking…..what did I learn this year? And the answer was right there….let go.
We can call is surrender, allowing, releasing….I just think of it as Let Go. Let go of everything that is in the way of connecting to my Higher Self. Let go of everything that is in the way of feeling the Love that I Am. Let go of everything that is unlike Love. Let go of everything that keeps me from being present, from being kind to myself, let go of what is overwhelming me, what stresses me, what confuses me, what frustrates me, what angers me. Just let go. I don’t have to know what any of it is, I can feel it. I just let go.

In just letting go, we make space. We make room. There is a possibility of something else, something other than whatever I am suffering at the moment. There is the possibility of ease, peace, flow, loving kindness. The possibility of experiencing my true nature, which is Love. And then I might hear my inner wisdom, hear answers I’ve been seeking, be aware of the guidance being offered. But we can’t fill a vessel that is already fill. We need to let go and make space.

Part of letting go is using my words for 2018: Love and Light….and one more popped up: Yes! When I say: I am Love and Light and I say YES! to whatever is for my highest good, to aligning with my Higher Self, I move in trust, and then I can let go, be present, rest in the unknowing. And yes, it’s a daily practice.

It sounds simple….and I know it’s not easy. It takes practice every day. I teach these concepts to better master them. It’s all worth it in those moments when the Light pours in and I feel the Love. I say Yes to receiving and being the Light and Love, I fill up with it and send it to all of you.