Surrender is one of those words that can really push a button….what am I surrendering? To whom or what am I surrendering? Why would I surrender? Aren’t I supposed to be strong and stand up for me?
We surrender to our Higher Self, that wisest, most loving part of ourself, our highest integrity. We surrender the way we think it has to be, with our human mind. We desire things to work out a certain way, then we let it go and make space to receive what is for our highest good. That is what is truly meant by surrendering, in the best sense of the word. When we surrender to our Higher Self, which is a bit of the Divine, a bit of the essence of the Universe, of All of the All, we embrace all that we are, All that Is.  We are an indivisible part of Source Energy, of the Universe itself….and the loving Universe cannot be separate from us, is at our backs, ready to support, guide and assist us without question. All we have to do is let go, surrender, and receive. Simple, but not easy.

This is the adventure of life. We have a lifetime to learn how to live our life.  It is all unfolding perfectly, every moment. And when we surrender, get our human mind out of the way and allow Life to flow through us, we are truly present and loving the ride.

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