I was privileged to hear the North Carolina Symphony last night. We have such a treasure in our Symphony! Along with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which was breathtaking, they played a piece by Aaron Jay Kernis titled Musica celestis. The music was paired with Hubble Space Telescope images of stars and galaxies in our Universe, photos from the International Space Station, and finally images of North Carolina, right down to Raleigh and the music and performers on stage. It was magnificent.  While you won’t be able to see the images shown on-screen behind the orchestra, you can listen to this short piece here. I was overcome with gratitude for life, for my life, for living here, for being able to partake in such a wondrous experience.  Seeing the images of the Universe of which we are a part, I was reminded that we are one with that same starlight. I was reminded of the loving power we are.  I was reminded of our magnificence.

Happy Spring! May you come to know yourself as the radiance and magnificence you are.

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