A lot of my life has felt like an obstacle course I was just trying to survive. Through my metaphysical and spiritual studies, I was introduced to the idea that life was a wonderful, grand adventure. That made me scoff at first….I was just trying to get through, much less enjoy this so-called adventure.

But over time, as I kept laying in gossamer wings of willingness and good feeling (sometimes out of sheer desperation), I eventually reached the 51% threshold of being in joy, and then I began to shift from surviving to thriving……and finally flourishing. I make an effort to keep my wellspring of good feeling, my reservoir, filled beyond the 51%. Then if I tank because of some off-putting run-of-the-mill life experience (you know, the ones that happen every day), it’s not such a stretch to forgive myself when I transgress and come back across the line. (Anyone else thinking “one toke over the line” right now?)

Flourishing has a life of its own. We have to  work harder when we are at a deficit under 51%, because it takes energy to build energy. So when we are below the 51% it’s a slower generating process. When we reach 51%, the energy exponentially builds on its own. It’s like our energy is joyously feeling our joy and we more effortlessly feel better and better. Or as it is said, the better it gets, the better it gets.  Then joy becomes our touchstone instead of our longing.

Wishing you more joy than you can imagine in this grand adventure we call Life.