Everything in the Universe is moving energy, including us. And this energy is always moving around and through us in our day to day lives, expanding toward more good, no matter what it may seem like. Sometimes we feel we are working in alignment with the natural flow of energy, and sometimes we feel at cross purposes with this flow.

We perceive this energy in different ways…. life can feel very intense, or easier and more fluid. And our experience can change rapidly! I sometimes feel this energy as a huge wave pouring into the earth and us, and it is  powerfully carrying us forward, ready or not. I’ve described it as hard and fast. The effect is that whatever we need to release, surrender or let go of is being cleared out of our mentality quickly and unceremoniously. It’s like our higher self is saying, “You’re done with this, this and that. Time to let go, NOW! It’s in the way to where you are ready to go.”

Where we are ready to go is always experiencing more love, which is our true nature, and seeing the manifestation of that in our lives, through more health, wealth and happiness.

We are all on this journey together, as we are all interconnected, and love and trust is what eases our way and allows us to surf the wave, rather than be dragged underneath along the sand and shells. One way or another, we are moving forward, for our highest good…..and we get to choose between the hard way, or the easier, more supported way.

We have the support of all the Universe in our journey….we just have to ask and be willing to receive the response of the All, which will always come and will always be for our highest good, even if it doesn’t look quite like what we expected!

I wish you the ride of your life.