Greetings, dear ones……Blessings come in such strange disguises.  My Guiding Word of 2013 is JOY.  My word came up as I was talking with someone about their word. After their word popped up, I was saying how I hadn’t really spent any time yet asking for my word……and there it was.  When someone hears/feels/senses their word, I usually ask them to try on one or two other words that might seem like perfectly good words….but once THE word has surfaced, nothing else quite fits.  Other words just don’t have the resonance of the word that has presented itself as your word.  Another word just doesn’t have the “legs” or stability of the word that is your word. You can feel the difference. And I could tell that JOY was clearly my word.

Now, you might think I’d be joyful at having the word JOY….but surprisingly (even to me) I was a little miffed. Joy? Me? I AM joyful….surely I didn’t need any guidance in that area, I talk about it all the time…..oh, I’m beginning to see…..yes, talking about it is not owning it, not feeling it…and as we open to deeper and deeper layers of all that we experience and understand in life, and the learning is infinite, as the Universe, as is Spirit….yes, I could certainly open to deeper experiences of joy….infinitely deeper experiences of joy…..and I could certainly use a daily reminder……it’s so easy to fall off the “joy wagon” and start believing all the human joylessness that is presented to us daily all around us.

So naturally, I was presented with opportunities to release resistance to the infinite flood of joy available to me, to allow more joy into my experience daily. One of these little golden opportunities was using Skype. My sister had sent me a webcam because she wanted to Skype with me….and I had not gotten around to the simple set up procedure. I didn’t have time, I didn’t want to make myself presentable for the webcam, I don’t like being on camera, I like the invisibility of the phone… sister was patient.  And finally, as I simply entertained the thought and feeling of joy and my willingness to embrace more joy, I developed the desire, effortlessly, organically, naturally, to hook up the camera and try Skyping.

My nephew in Oklahoma was my first test. I called him, he was just going home (of course, this was unfolding ever so smoothly) and very shortly, I was seeing him and his kitty on my computer screen, and getting used to seeing me on camera in a corner of my computer screen. A little disconcerting……but soon we were being so silly and laughing so much I could hardly talk! We had  much more fun talking via Skype than I might have had on the phone…..much more joyful……imagine that! And yes, I Skyped with my sister today and had a wonderful time!

Wondrous, miraculous occurrences happen every day, because we are a part of the Divine energy that creates infinite possibilities.  Simply by entertaining the idea of Joy, not worrying about the details of it, I had a perfect opportunity to choose Joy and release resistance, and thus experienced more Joy than I could imagine… the form of Skyping.  Who knew?

That’s the point, we don’t have to know. Just focus on what we want……not what we don’t want. And that desire is always answered, sometimes in very surprising ways.

Here’s wishing you more Joy than you can imagine!

2 thoughts on “Teaching of Joy & Resistance via Skype

  1. I’m so glad that I could be a participant in your Joy! Much love, your sister, Ann

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