Sometimes our hearts feel heavy. This can happen when old issues and memories  come up, or when unresolved situations in our life (that we may have temporarily shelved) show up again. A lot of this old stuff has come up for review during this Mercury Retrograde, but this can happen at any time.  When we are filled with enough love to surround these old remnants of energy, that’s when they resurface. Our inner wisdom, our Higher Self, knows we are ready to deal with things. But that dense energy can be very difficult to deal with in our human condition. With enough love and compassion for ourselves, we can be kind to ourselves rather than judging ourselves for past actions or thoughts. 

Since everything is energy, when waves of our past come up for release and transformation into love and light, all that energy can feel like we are slogging through mud. It has certainly felt that way to me in the last couple of weeks. We just have to ride the current of this moving energy, and trust we will eventually come through the waves and feel the relief. In the last couple of days, I can feel the energy lifting and my heart is lighter. 

The energy will always move. Energy cannot stay static. But we are human, and it’s hard to remember or trust that in the middle of such heaviness. We always apply love, in every situation, first to ourselves. We are ever so kind to ourselves, we are willing to take loving care of ourselves. We treat ourselves as we would a dear friend, a child or a beloved pet. And that love eventually clears our heart, helps us release that old energy, and lifts us into the light . .  again.