We all have daily routines. What we do when we get up, before we go to bed, how we work out. I thought I would share my daily energy routine with you.

I need to support and clear my energy every day. I need to remind myself that I AM my Higher Self, I AM Love already. I need to have a way to connect with that Love and feel it so I can utilize it during my day. As with everything else that becomes effortless and seamless, we need to practice. So these are some of my daily practices to help remind me to be aware of and feel the loving, harmonious flow of Life flowing through me. These practices help me meet life’s daily challenges with more resilience and grace and less resistance. Keeping in mind what I do want as opposed to what I don’t want helps me move through Life more smoothly. All of this helps me do what our true work always is: to circulate love and good feeling, to ourselves first. Then we fill up with that loving, good feeling and it spills over to everyone and everything around us.

Most of these supportive energy exercises are on my website wellgoodwork.com under the Energy Practices tab.

Before I get out of bed in the morning and before I go to sleep at night, I take a moment and give my body a big cat stretch and take a breath. Breath connects us with Spirit. Breath moves our energy. Our energy moves through our bodies, which is why we need to take loving care of our bodies . . . and breathe. Taking good care of our bodies supports the smooth flow of our energy.

Then I do a few breaths of Quiet Gong, followed by self-Reiki by holding my hands over my heart and breathing for just a few minutes.

In the morning, I then state my intention and willingness to connect with my Higher Self; I imagine her (right now she looks like a swirl of gold and purple energy, but your Higher Self can look like absolutely anything). I imagine merging with my Higher Self and that I am willing to hear through her ears, see through her eyes, speak through her mouth. I intend to radiate this loving energy all day long. Being aligned with my Higher Self will help me decide what is the most loving thing to do all day long. I want to come from a place of Love as much as possible – at least 51%!

I also take a minute in the evening to meditate on the people I will see the next day, send them Love and ask for guidance in our interactions. I want to show up as my best self, and I ask (silently) that everyone I meet to show up in their best self. (This is a great practice before surgeries or any procedure or meeting.)

Then in the shower, I do the Lighten Up Exercise. As I start my day, I do a quick Grounding & Centering.

I think of this quick Spiral Energy Exercise as an emergency grounding technique. It is very simple and very powerful. Imagine a spiral coming up from the ground winding one way with your inhale breath all the way through your body going all the way into the heavens; then the spiral turns the other way and goes back down through your body into the earth with your exhale breath. The spiral can be any color you like. It just takes a few seconds but collects and coalesces all your energy into your center. I might do this if I start feeling affected by other people’s energy or feel headachy or unstable, physically or emotionally.

I also use the Kidney Breath to support and clear my energy if I start feeling tired, and between clients. This breath is a powerful tool to support our entire metabolism and bring energy, oxygen and blood not only to our kidneys and adrenals, but to all our organs.

During the day, I remind myself that I am part of the Infinite. So I (and all of us) have infinite time, infinite capacity, infinite Love.

If anxiety, overwhelm or tightness starts to rear up, no matter what the reason, I might use favorite mantras like: All is well, Everything is already taken care of. I am willing to skip the anxiety step and apply Love over and over; I am willing to be very very kind to my silly human self.

It goes without saying that I have lots of opportunities to practice this every day!

When I get into bed, as I am doing my Quiet Gong and self-Reiki, I do a Quick Grounding. Then I attach my silver cord from my 2nd chakra below my navel into the earth. Then I release into the earth everything I’ve collected from the day or from any time before that I’m ready to release. I trust the earth will cleanse and transform everything I let go. Then I release into Spirit everything I am ready to let go for it to be transformed into Love and Light. Finally, I ask my angels, guides, and Reiki Master Healing Guides to give me a Reiki treatment (which is just a Love Treatment). I see them surrounding me and pouring loving energy into me, wherever they see I need it, or wherever I feel I need it.

And with that, I drift off to sleep. Sweet dreams!