It’s always good to have an abundance of down time. Lots of things come up for which I normally wouldn’t have the energetic or mental space. So even before Hurricanes Florence and then Michael gave me a good excuse to hunker down and laze around physically, I was tossing the idea of abundance around in my mentality once again, checking within to see how I really felt about being an indivisible part of the inherent, natural abundance of the Universe.

Abundance is a state of mind and the truth of our being, AND we need to do our part to allow that sense of abundance so the pictures of abundance flow into our life.

We may be exhausted, burned out, and in between jobs, or have unexpected time off. We feel guilty if we take time off to rebuild and rest. We feel guilty if we don’t rush into working at something, anything. If we are having the thought or feeling that we are running out of money and have to work immediately to get more money, even at something that we know is not right for us, THAT feeling of lack, restriction and anxiety will close off your flow of abundance. The abundance is already there, because Spirit is infinitely abundant and we see the evidence of that in Nature all around us. We are an indivisible part of Spirit, so we are also an indivisible part of the abundance. And Spirit is infinitely abundant!

Money doesn’t flow from a job or a boss, really; it flows from the infinite abundance of Spirit through the channel of a business or a boss or work….or the lottery! Whatever is for your highest good. We have to have a visible channel for money to appear because we are in a visible world. Although money can also just appear on the sidewalk! But probably not the amount of money you are thinking of.

It’s all about Love, like everything is. How does Love relate to money? Love is the energy of the Universe. Money is one of the visible symbols in this earth plane of the circulation of good feeling, the currency, the movement (like a current) of love and good feeling – always to yourself first. Part of loving ourselves is being willing to do whatever is necessary…..with a willing heart. We may need to do something that is not our be all and end all work, but all work is meaningful somehow and if we have a grateful heart for the work, it may be the energetic stepping stone to the work that does make our heart sing

What is important in dealing with money is: what are you feeling 51% of the time? Are you holding back your good feeling 51% of the time? You may be fearful and worried 49% of the time, and still trusting and taking loving care of yourself 51% of the time. If you are not seeing abundance/money in your life, you are not at the 51% and you have to ask yourself, where might I be holding back my good feeling? We know. We might ask, is the way I am spending money truly loving to me? If I spend all of my money, how is that loving? If I cannot pay my bills, my rent, my mortgage, is that loving?

There is a discernment between thoughtless extravagance and trusting the flow of abundance of the Universe. If we think: I don’t have to be responsible about money, I can spend all I want, I don’t have to take responsibility for myself because the Universe will take care of me! Now we are not doing our part, and not taking loving care of ourselves.

We are human, so the fear of lack of enough money can sometimes be overwhelming. Whenever we are faced with fear, worry or anxiety, we apply love. We take loving care of ourselves, do our part to bring in money, saving what we can, if we can, enjoying life in a reasonable fashion, spending money with an attitude of joy when it feels good, and not doing spending when it doesn’t feel good or we feel guilty spending.

So this is the crux: if how we are spending money and thinking and feeling about money is really loving, really for our highest good and the highest good of all concerned, it will feel good. We will welcome more money, a symbol of love and good feeling! If we say, I am just going to spend what I want and not be thoughtful about it, and we have an underlying fear (of more than 51%) then all we’re doing is spending money AND closing down the flow of good feeling and closing down the flow of more money. It’s the 51% feeling of ease and trust and confidence that I am taking care of myself in the most loving way, doing everything necessary to take loving care of myself, that greases the gears of the Universe and allows the flow to continue. It’s all up to us and whether we are circulating good feeling, love and trust, taking loving care of ourselves in every way necessary, 51% of the time. So it’s the doing our part and coming to the good feeling that brings forth the picture of the abundance that is already there in Spirit, of which we are already a part.

We practice taking a break from financial worry – all worry does is close down the flow. You can approach financial issues with care and reason and observe how much worry you have, and just keep it under 51%. We are human, we are going to worry. But don’t take a siesta from doing what’s loving for you. That is essential to do every day. And spending everything AND having more than 51% fear will grind the gears to a halt and stop the flow.

Whenever we have a lack of money, we need to ask ourselves, where are we stopping our flow of good feeling? Sometimes money seems to land in our lap so easily from unexpected places. This is a reflection of the abundant good feeling we engender in some way, through our spiritual work, our belief that we are taken care of, asking for help (out loud or silently) and being willing to receive, or just a sense that it is easy to make money! Yes, some people do feel that way. The money is always the picture of the abundance of good feeling we are circulating. The more we take loving care of ourselves, the more good feeling we have to circulate.

We need to be in the feeling (51%) that the abundance is already here, already happened. It truly has already happened in Spirit, it’s ALWAYS there, more than enough, infinitely! To allow the appearance of that in our life, we have to feel 51% that it’s already manifested, appeared, projected, into our life. Not, I will win the lottery, but I already have more than plenty! And we don’t have to figure out the how – that is the job of Spirit/Source/the All/Universe/God. Our job is to do what is loving (our responsibility in the process, we don’t abdicate our responsibility for our life), do whatever is necessary, and get to the 51% feeling of, it’s already done, easily, perfectly. That allows the solution, the resolution, the manifestation, to drop in our laps. We have to do our job in our thoughts and in the world, and let go to make space to receive the answer. That’s how it works. So we are on the right track when we do our part, trust, and let go. But if we let go and still are overwhelmed by fear, we still close the flow. Affirmations and mantras don’t do anything in and of themselves. They are meant to be used to move us toward the FEELING – 51% – that what we are affirming has already happened. We feel it, trust it, before we see it.

So how do we have good feeling when we don’t have enough money? We can’t think and feel: I would like more money, and when I have it, I will feel better. We must feel good NOW. That is our primary life work, our true mission: circulating, promoting, flowing, allowing good feeling and love, to ourselves first. When we do that, we fill up and spill over that good feeling to everyone else. We must find peace where we are. When I am willing to feel that I love my life, I love me, I love where I am in my life, I am grateful for everything….then I feel filled, abundant, more than enough. That is first, and then the money flows from there. We find something that is abundant in our life. I always think of my abundant irises and the abundant love in my life….and I know I am already wealthy in Spirit. And then I see the projection of having what I need and desire in my visible life.

Life is a balancing act as we monitor and feel our levels of fear/worry/anxiety and love/trust/flow. Love is the least amount of fear; Fear is the least amount of love. We just keep applying love/trust/flow to deal with the fear/worry/anxiety. And we become very skilled at asking, is this the most loving thing I can do for myself? You will know the answer in your heart of hearts.