Through all my writings about simplicity, and trying to break this metaphysical stuff down to its bare bones so it is usable and applicable in daily life, I always realize the mechanics are simple…..and putting it into practice is not easy.

I’ve been studying and using metaphysics – the loving energy we are beyond our physical bodies – for some 45+ years. It’s been a long, slow, evolutionary process of trial and error, practice and realization. At the end of day, it all becomes very simple. But it took all the years, all the steps, all the mis-steps that turned out to be perfectly necessary to arrive at the understanding of how simple it really is.

Life is always happening. Details and people change, but life is always happening. We can’t stop the waves of life, we learn to surf better. What that means is we finally decide that the only thing we can control is our response to all that happens. Some of what happens in life will feel bad, some will feel good….but ultimately, after all the practice of living years of life, something gives. We decide it’s too hard to react to everything, to judge everything. And we have our history that everything works out – one way or the other. And we somehow get through everything. Everything is energy, and energy is always moving forward, and actually moving forward to the good. Although it is hard to see that, at times….so we just learn to trust it before we see it. Sometimes the good is that we learn from what happened. Sometimes the good is that we develop compassion for ourselves and others. And no matter how bad something feels, eventually we feel better, because everything eventually does change.

So that’s how we keep things simple. Life happens, we notice. Just like in meditation. In meditation, we notice we have a thought of some kind, and we say, thinking, thought, fear, anxiety. We notice, we let it go. In life, something happens that is upsetting, and we might react. We forgive ourselves, if our reaction makes us suffer. We take a breath. We remember everything is energy and energy is not static. Energy always moves. Eventually, whatever dire situation we are dealing with will change, will morph. This too shall pass. We make a choice to let go of whatever we are thinking that is not helping us to respond to the situation, and choose our response, knowing we are not in this life alone. Our response is our response – ability – our responsibility. We are held in the palm of the Universe, fully supported, loved, part of All That Is. We can ask, cry out for help….and be willing to receive it. Maybe it won’t look like what we imagined, but it will be for our highest good.

And then the hardest part happens. We sit in trust. We trust it out. We don’t know when the right time is for something to change. The hardest part is to feel peace in each moment, to be willing to feel some joy or ease even in the midst of the stresses of life. It might be as simple as to have compassion for what we are going through, or taking in the blue sky, or the soft rain, a loving text, a hug from a friend, or hugging the cat. There is something we can do to lift our energy, to connect to the love that we are. That loving energy is buoyant, and if we make the smallest effort, have the tiniest willingness to allow it in, it fills us up and floats us forward just where we need to go.

And we start with the simplest thing in the world….we take a breath.