Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….

What does it feel like to be really filled up?  We think we are nourished, rested, we feel pretty good….and then we really get a rest, really get a chance to refill our reservoir, to refuel our energy….and then we really realize what it means to feel filled up.

I recently took some time off to be with a friend….we just stayed home and tooled around locally. We had no agenda, a few plans that could easily be changed; I slept in and generally took it easy. Often when we are ready to go on vacation, we are on our last leg of our energy, so to speak…..we are desperate for some time off. We can’t wait for that last day to finish….when this vacation started for me, I was almost surprised it was here. I hadn’t drained my energy supply, I was fairly filled up, I almost felt like I didn’t need the time off that was planned.

At the end of the vacation, when I returned to the office, I noticed I was excited to see clients, happy to be doing Reiki/Acupressure sessions, looking forward to all the details of my practice, glad to be back at “work”… which didn’t feel like work at all! And I realized, I am really rested and filled up! This feels markedly different than what I usually would think of as filled up.

How do we fill up without a stay-cation or vacation?  Grounding, center, Quiet Gong and this wonderful practice below:

Filling With the Violet Flame
from St. Germaine (an Ascended Master)
Consciously open the crown chakra again after grounding…..then see VIOLET LIGHT POURING IN ALL THE WAY DOWN TO YOUR TOES…..and it begins to fill…..your toes, feet, ankles, lower legs, thighs, torso, arms, hands, shoulders, neck head, to the top of your head…..see it rising up your body, until you see yourself completely full, feel it,….& THEN see it spilling out from your hands, heart 3rd eye and crown….because you are FULL.  It spills over to the moat, the cushion of energy surrounding you, and when that is full, it spills over to everyone and everything around you, circulates through the universe, returns to you multiplied, pours into your crown and even more fullness spills out to be circulated again….
This is one of the most efficient and powerful ways to function and fill up right now….which we sometimes do unconsciously…but our strength and capacity is ramped up when we do it over & over. It allows us to see and feel how much filling we need and how filled we are.

I will be posting this practice along with  Grounding and Centering and and Medical Qi Gong Quiet Gong instructions  on my website soon.