Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….

The Summer Solstice has just passed, the day of the year with the most hours of sunlight…abundant sunlight! Right now, we have abundant lushness, abundant rain, abundant heat….natural abundance is all around us. Why do we often feel lack? When we feel lack we feel separate from the natural abundance that is too, well, abundant, to ignore!

So a simple fix (but perhaps not an easy fix) would be to give up the idea, the feeling of separation from all that undeniable abundance and claim our rightful experience as one of abundance….since everything springs from One Source, if there is abundance somewhere, there must be abundance everywhere. The trick is to allow the natural flow of abundance from Source into our life. One way to allow this is to cultivate, be willing to experience an abundance of good feeling, about anything! Since we live in a visible, human world, there will be a manifestation of what we feel 51% of the time (whether it’s true or not). So if we feel lack or focus on limitation and restriction 51%, we will experience that in some way. If we are willing to feel flowing, abundant good feeling at least 51% of the time, we will experience and see a corresponding picture of that abundant good feeling.

I like to take a moment and remember what there is to feel good about in my life. I feel good about the visit we are having from a dear friend this week, I’m grateful our garden has been mostly weeded and cleaned up through the dint of some hardworking young men from our neighborhood who exemplified all that is good about the younger generation, and really glad I didn’t have to do it all!  I’m happy I’m having a stay-cation; I rejoice I still have a few more days off. And I know I will feel good going back to the office and seeing people I love and love to work with. I’m thankful the weather is at times overcast and cooler and I am enjoying the tropical moisture.

I always send out a thank you when I see repeating numbers, especially 1:11 or 11:11 on digital clocks and know my angels and guides are letting me know I’m taken care of and held in love (the Universe finds electronics an easy way to communicate with us!).  I’m abundantly grateful my car is running, even if it needs some work. I’m reveling in spending time with my family in my comfortable home. I love all the green surrounding me, especially considering I come originally from dry Southern California, which can often be desert-like.

I marvel at how our new kitty came to us and has enriched our lives and is the perfect little being for us…. like all our four-legged family members have been.  I feel my heart opening ever more as the abundant unconditional love that animals naturally are flows into our lives.  And I’m having the best time cooking this morning, I love how good everything tastes, I love I had so much fun preparing simple food, and I am so appreciative the dishwasher works perfectly after 12 years! I routinely bless the washer and dryer too.

Life lives through us, and we can just say YES!