How can it be all about Love in this crazy world of ours? It almost sounds like an oxymoron. It may sound over-simplistic, but it really is simple….it’s just not easy.  It takes a lot of practice. It’s like the saying, think globally and act locally. We love right where we are, starting with ourselves….which can be very challenging. But when we Love right where we are, who we are (locally) we then fill up with that Love and spill it over to everyone and everything around us (globally).

I talk to many people about so many situations, so many different details.  Whatever the variation,  one of the first questions I ask is,  What’s the most loving thing you can do for yourself in this situation? If we do what is most loving, for our highest good and the highest good of all concerned….then we move in more Love for us and everyone around us. This is how we fill up and spill over with Love.

This may sound selfish; but self-care is very loving, not selfish. If we are not doing what is loving for us, then we become angry, resentful, bitter.  We blame the other person. If we are seated in our power – and power means our Love, as Love is the most powerful force in the Universe – and are willing to ask, hear and act upon what is loving to us, we will be more loving to everyone around us.   Not that everyone will be happy when we take loving care of ourselves…if someone is not getting what they want from us, or not taking loving care of their own self,  they may not like that we are taking loving care of ourselves. But it is our responsibility to identify what makes our heart sing, what is loving for us….no one else lives in our mind or heart, no one else really knows what is loving for us. Only we know. We might tell someone else, share these ideas….but we have the primary responsibility for taking loving care of us. Yes, we can compromise; but we can’t compromise or transgress our true self.  If we transgress what’s true for us, we are not acting in our highest good or the highest good of all concerned.

It’s also all about Love in relationships, even if the relationship is not as loving as we would like. In a relationship, everyone experiences exactly what they are meant to experience. Each person is in the relationship to learn about Love. It’s all about Love! What we forget is that what I’m learning may not be what the other person is learning….it’s all about Love, but the way we go about learning it, the way the lessons are delivered, are unique to our own path. But each person on each side of the equation is learning something….there’s a great mutuality, if we recognize the wisdom in our struggles. As soon as we think it’s all about the other, their fault, I had nothing to do with this, we deny what we are supposed to learn, what our lesson is in the relationship…always about Love.

When we come from that wellspring of Love, we are centered and grounded in that Love. That is why Love is so powerful. We can’t be knocked off our center when we are anchored in that willingness to do what is most loving, for ourselves, and then others.  Then we are anchored to our Higher Self, the Love we are. We can be compassionate when someone doesn’t understand. They don’t need to understand our path, our life. It’s for us to understand, not them.  Those that truly love us respect that we are willing to take loving care of ourselves, even if they don’t always get what they want. Someone who wants us to do what is damaging or detrimental to us is not loving us mutually.  Someone who guilts us about how we need to take care of ourselves is not loving us, they are wanting to bully and control.  And they may not realize what they are doing, or may not be willing to hear how their behavior feels.   And we may wish they would be different or understand.  It can be very sad when people are not willing to be in their highest integrity, their Highest Self, the Love that we all are.  Because ultimately, when we are not loving, the first person we hurt is our own self.

Sometimes we don’t know what is the most loving thing to do. Then we ask for help, from our Higher Self (our innate wisdom and Love), our Angels and Guides and all of the Universe, which is at our beck and call as we are always indivisibly connected. We have to be willing to hear the answer, no matter what it is. We may not ask until we’re ready to hear the answer. Eventually, in every situation, no matter how long it takes, we finally hear that which is the most loving thing I can do for myself, right now. And we will act on it at just the right time, in just the right way, so that what we do is for our highest good and that of all concerned.

I ask the question,  what is the most loving thing for me to do right now? all day long, for everything that comes up. This daily practice opens our channel to our Higher Self, our inner wisdom. We hear our answers more clearly, more effortlessly.  We are sometimes surprised that we have the answer right there. We just had to ask.

When we don’t know what to do, we first apply Love in some way, shape or form.  This might mean we just say: I need help being kind, compassionate, loving to myself or another. Help me to come from a loving place for myself and others.I’m willing (at least 51%) to do the most loving thing right now.  Start there, with willingness. It’s okay to be unknowing.  Even if we don’t feel it, remembering that we are Love is our guiding light, our lantern in the dark. Its beacon will illuminate our heart and shine a light wherever we need it.

Everything, truly, is all about Love. And Love is the Light.