We like to tell ourselves stories. We think we know what other people are thinking. We make things up and then believe what we are telling ourselves. All of this behavior causes us to suffer. We step off our path when we think about what others are doing and thinking….and after all, what other people think of us is none of our business. All we can control are our thoughts, our path. This is the Law of Individuality.
Just like we can check in often and ask ourselves, What’s the most loving thing for me to in this situation?…. we can ask ourselves, What’s really true here? What’s really happening?
We know when we get off track, deviate from our path or are not true to ourselves because we feel the discomfort or uneasiness. We feel icky (yes, that’s the clinical term, lol). Our body is a great vehicle of communication, because when we transgress ourselves or someone has transgressed us, we feel it somewhere in our body. A therapist told me many years ago, If you feel like you’ve been punched in the stomach, you have. We can trust that there is something underneath the feeling in our body. Trust that inner voice, our Higher Self, that speaks to us through our body.
People are not always kind or loving. When we are hurt or blaming, we can ask ourselves, What’s true here? And be willing to hear the answer, no matter what it is. And then do what is most loving, first for ourselves – for our highest good, and the highest good of all concerned. It is our responsibility to be kind and loving to ourselves, first. In that loving space, we can hear what’s really true, not the story we may want to tell ourselves. And then we can respond in the most loving way that supports us, even if someone else isn’t supporting us. Hearing the truth about ourselves – and others – helps us to be more compassionate and loving to us….which fills us up and allows us to spill love over to others. And then we’re all uplifted into more light and love.
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