Everything flows from within, out… from invisible to visible… from Source, One Mind, Spirit, to physical form. Everything has to be completed in Spirit, in Energy, in the invisible, before it can appear in our visible world. When we want to manifest something, bring something to fruition, there are actual mechanics, an actual system that we can use and rely upon to bring things from invisible to visible, from unseen to seen. And it works no matter what we are working with; it works in all directions. I call this system the Metaphysical Trinity.

Since this is a Trinity, there are three distinct steps. They are called:

Desire: What you Want – Your Vision, Idea, Wish
Knowing: Thinking – Doing Your Part – Letting Go – Flowing Love and Good Feeling
Feeling: 51% Certainty, Love and Good Feeling – Making Space to Receive – Giving Birth to the Manifestation

And remember, you can’t always get what you want, but you just might get what you need, as some very wise contemporary – and rock ‘n roll – philosophers once said. No matter what we ask for, we need to remember we don’t always know what is for our highest good. So at the end of our process, we also state:

This or something better, whatever is for my highest good. I’m willing to hear the answer no matter what it is. We embrace it all, whatever it is.

The First Step is just what is says: What do you want? What is your desire, wish, vision? How do you want a situation different from what it is now? It’s not useful to wish another person were different; but we can ask for help for our behavior that we want to change. When I’m not eating as well as I want, or moving my body as much as I like, if I’m having difficulty with a decision or situation in my life, I first ask for help and state my desire, before I do anything else.

The Second Step is what comprises our part, our responsibility, the logistics, the actual details and things we need to do, what we need to think about and sort through. Often, this is where we see our resistance. We want chocolate ice cream, but we want it to magically appear in front of us without going to the ice cream shop, or ordering it online to have it delivered to us. We must do our part. The Universe, God, Source is indivisibly connected to you, joined at the hip, so to speak. When we ask, there is always a response of some kind. But we have to ask (first step, desire) which gives the Universe permission to help us. We have free will, nothing gets imposed on us, even assistance from the All. And then do our part, fulfill our responsibility in the matter.

If you want something that is not happening, you have to look at where are you blocking your love and good feeling. This is part of the Second Step. Think of love and good feeling as the lubrication of the gears that brings to you what you want – or what is for your highest good. Without the lubrication of the feeling of love nothing can be brought into manifestation. Love gives birth to everything good! So part of our Second Step is to ask, where am I holding back my good feeling?

Some years ago, I was feeling a lot of lack and not enough abundance. I had to ask myself, where am I holding back good feeling? What ill feeling am I holding on to? And as soon as I asked, the answer was clear: I was still holding on to ill feeling about someone who had caused great harm and loss in my life, years after the event. Of course, I had responsibility too: I ignored many red flags, didn’t listen to my Higher Self. So to restore my good feeling (again, part of the Second Step) I forgave myself for thinking I could have done anything differently at the time (I was too fearful) and began the process of being willing to love this person’s Higher Self, that is pure love, just like all of us. I didn’t forgive the bad behavior, that person will have to do that for themself. But I was willing to restore the flow of love and good feeling, first to me, and then sending love to the loving, pure spirit of the person I felt had wronged me. And I asked that person’s human self to open their heart to the love being sent. Whether they did or didn’t was their business, not mine. My responsibility was to send the love where it could be received, to their Higher Self, their Soul, their Spirit.

Then I recognized all the abundance I did have in my life right then. I looked around at my garden and my hundreds of abundantly blooming irises, and saw the picture of my abundance right at that very moment. The abundance of nature is always a good reminder of the abundance that naturally exists that we are always a part of. And in small steps, I built up layers of good feeling, and over time, got to 51% good feeling, and my abundance flowed in all ways. And I never looked back.

Now, when I start to feel tight, or restricted, or lacking, I immediately take responsibility for where am I shutting down or slowing my flow of good feeling – sometimes to a trickle. And even if I don’t know, I simply say, whatever I am holding on to that is closing off my good feeling, I release, and make space for more good than I can imagine. If I can be made aware of what I am doing or thinking, great. I’m willing to take responsibility and do the process even if I’m not ready to hear what I’m holding onto.

If you are looking for a new job, new house, new relationship, resolution or anything else, we need to be willing (which flows our good feeling) to do whatever steps are necessary. We always need to be willing to do whatever is necessary. Look on websites, contact a realtor, go on interviews, network, consult people you trust, whatever feels good. People may say, well I really don’t want to work. And I say, What is the most loving thing you can do for yourself? Do you want to pay your bills? Then the most loving thing is dropping your resistance to working and being willing to do whatever is necessary for your highest good. That doesn’t mean taking a job you hate, because that will just close down your good feeling again. Even if we take a job that is not our first choice, we can choose to flow good feeling around it because it is serving us in some way.

The important thing to remember is that all of what we do, all of our efforts that are part of “our part” as opposed to the part of the Universe, is to move the energy. What shows up may not be a direct result of what we do. The job we get may not come from the resumes we send out, it may come to us some way we can’t even imagine. We may sign up on a dating site, and even go out on dates, and the person we wind up loving may not come from that avenue at all. It isn’t that if we do this, then that will happen. It’s that we’re willing to move the energy doing whatever is necessary, whatever we can do with an open and willing heart, and maintaining anticipatory eagerness for what will unfold. We are trusting we are part of All That Is Good.

When I talk about this, I illustrate the point by rubbing my hands together and saying, I can’t wait to see what happens! Before all the amazing things that happened in our lives, we didn’t know the moment before. Before you knew you passed the licensing exam, found your love, your job, your home, before a situation finally changed, we didn’t know the moment before it happened. The answer, solution, resolution, can happen in an instant.

After we have done everything we can think of to further or resolve a situation, there is one more vital step: we have to let go. Once we have handled all the details and logistics, we let go. At this point, I open my hands palms up, and say out loud, I’ve done everything I know to do, I let it go for the Universe to take over and start pulling all the threads of the tapestry that I don’t see. I don’t see the whole picture. My Higher Self, Spirit, sees the forest while I just see the trees. Since we are all an indivisible part of the Whole, the Whole comes into play to resolve any situation. It’s not just up to us, we are a co-creator with Spirit, with the energy of the Universe. But we must let go to make space for the answer to be dropped in. If we are continually fiddling with the issue, the Universe says, I’ve got an answer for you, but there’s no space to drop it in, you’re filling all the space! Let go, make some room, and you will see the solution. Everything must be completed in Spirit, in the invisible, before it migrates into the visible, into our experience. We have to let go, in trust and faith for that to happen.

When something is not resolving, I will always ask the person, have you done everything necessary? Is there anything you’re holding back that you or your inner voice knows or thinks you have to do? Invariably, people will say, oh yes, I’ve done everything! And still the situation doesn’t resolve. And eventually, it turns out there was just a little something that someone felt couldn’t be important enough. But it was that piece of resistance, of unwillingness, that slowed down the flow. They were not quite fulfilling their part. And as soon as that resistance was given up and the person did truly the everything necessary, the situation resolved. And sometimes only we know what we are holding onto, what is blocking the flow.

In one case, someone couldn’t sell a wonderful house. The issue holding back their flow of good feeling was resisting repainting a room, or fixing the grout in the bathroom. It seemed good enough. But….they knew. And once they dropped the resistance and did truly the “everything necessary”, the house immediately went under contract. They were almost at the 51% and just tipped over the threshold and the buyer showed up.

And then we come to the Third Step, which is receiving the answer, the resolution. Remember the letting go? Letting go is a prelude to receiving. I hold my arms open in a big circle in front of me and say, I release this to the Universe, I make space to receive the answer, no matter what it is. And if there’s anything else I need to do, give it back to me and I will take care of it, and release it again. And then we build our feeling to 51% certainty that it is already done, perfectly. We believe it, trust it, before we see it. We have to be 51% certain (and sometimes the answer comes, the solution is presented, and we didn’t even realize we were at 51%). And then everything comes together and we see, in the visible, in our human world, the answer to our request.

The beauty of this system is that it puts you in touch with your power, and that power is the Love you are. Flowing that love helps you change how you respond to what is happening in your life. If you don’t like what you are experiencing or how you are feeling, you get to think of something else that you would like and follow this process. We focus on what we want, not what we don’t want. We don’t deny what’s happening; we need to be aware so we can make a different choice.

It doesn’t matter what we are dealing with; this system works for everything in all directions. We just may not get the answer to want, and then we have to deal with our expectations and attachments.

We can bring ourselves to a feeling of 51% certainty about something erring or true. We prove how powerful both our ego and our Love are. We have free will to choose for Love or not. Anything that is human or comes from ego is temporary, no matter how distressing or terrible it is. Evil may be temporary, but is horrifying in the human world. The good news is, everything human ends. Only that which comes from Love is real and permanent and true. And we are indivisibly connected to the Source from which all loving power flows.

If we experience something we don’t like, we’re not being punished for what we thought. We are experiencing the causative power of thought and feeling for our benefit. It shows us truly how powerful we are, being a part of the All! When we witness the results of our thinking to a feeling of conclusion we can decide if this is what we want. Sometimes we come to erring conclusions out of fear, ignorance or erring suppositions or beliefs. If we don’t like what we see, we have the ability to marshal our response (taking response – ability, having the ability to respond) to what we are experiencing in life or witnessing in ourelves. We have free will to do a new science experiment. Sometimes it is hard to get a handle on the thoughts buzzing around in our head, and they seem to have a life of their own. But in truth, we are in charge of our thoughts. Not that it’s easy….but our true nature of Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, and with practice, the Metaphysical Trinity helps us flow the Love we are.

This process happens over and over again in life because this is Earth School,as Gary Zukav says in Seat of the Soul. We are in the classroom of Life.