Maybe you’ve noticed it too. Since we’re all part of Collective One Mind, we often experience similar things at the same time. The dust bunnies are coming out of the corners. These are just remnants of energy, of old stuff that we’ve already processed, looked at, analyzed, and released for the most part. The waves of high frequency, loving energy that are pouring into the Earth Plane are whipping up the bits and pieces, the leftovers, and bringing them into view…..not for us to do anything about them, just notice and let go. We’ve done a lot of work around these old issues….these are just the scraps of energy, the last debris just coming up to be released. The dust bunnies…..we don’t need to examine them or take them apart….just sweep them away.

I’ve noticed thoughts and memories about old relationships, my old patterns of behavior, long ago situations…..stuff I haven’t thought about in years…..just rising up, odds and ends….and it’s just giving us an opportunity to feel the love we are now, and surround the person we were then in love. Everything is an expression of love or a call for love. So don’t get too involved in your dust bunnies…..just lovingly gather them up, know they once served you and are now ready to be released to the light of love and transformation.