Let’s start a movement – PEACE WITHIN, PEACE WITHOUT. The world out there reflects the world inside of us. If each of us takes just a moment here and there during the day to say to ourselves, “Peace Within, Peace Without”, we will send increasing waves of loving energy from our microcosm into the macrocosm – from us to the Universe, sweeping across everyone on the planet in the process – and beyond.

Can you imagine what would happen if 51% of the world simply uttered, Peace Within, Peace Without at the same moment?! Without knowing the how or the details, the world would change in that instant, through the healing power of Loving Energy, that we choose to embrace and mobilize. When we stop warring within, we stop warring out there in the world. We think “that war” isn’t our war, but it’s everyone’s war. We are an indivisible part of everyone and everything.

 Align with your loving being, your true self, just through willingness and intent – and radiate that most powerful loving force to yourself,  through yourself and the world. As you do, ask everyone in the world to open their hearts to Love. That’s it. Please join me. PEACE WITHIN, PEACE WITHOUT. Thank you!

One thought on “Peace Within, Peace Without

  1. Thank you, dear Fran, for this wonderful reminder in the midst of the world’s (and our own) dis-ease! Bless our hearts. Peace within, Peace without . . . peace within, peace without . . . peace within, peace without . . . peace

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