We are always connected with the Divine, Source, Spirit, God, Oneness…..whether we can feel it or not. But periodically we break through all that’s in our way, and feel who we really are. We feel that inextricable connection with our true nature.  Sometimes in a greater or lesser degree, but it’s unmistakable. The most unlikely thing could be a trigger for the opening……a piece of music, the quietness of morning when the rest of the house is still asleep, the purring of a cat, the trust and awareness that all is unfolding perfectly, no matter what it looks like.  Sometimes I feel this wave of loving  indivisibility just sitting at the computer, appreciating this visible expression of energy flying through the ether.

I felt that liquid wave of love  this morning….. and in that moment, my heart filled with love – for everyone and everything.  Unconditional love is loving the perfect, whole and complete spirit of everyone, not the fallible human. And no matter what our faulty human is doing, everyone’s Higher Self, everyone’s true being, is pure loving light.  Our work in this lifetime is to learn to align with that loving being that we naturally are. And when we do, when we touch the Divine, our Divine nature, we remember who we really are. And we can go on, and more gracefully navigate this vale of tears.  That is why it is said, May we all come to know ourselves as radiance……I see you all as radiant beings.

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