I’ve been thinking about simplicity recently. We spend so much time sorting through issues in our life, which is necessary when that’s what we need to do. Sometimes, deeply buried splinters rise up the surface and demand attention. And periodically, we come to a clear place, like a still pool. And we glimpse how simple it all is. Not that it’s easy to get there…..but ultimately….it’s simple.

So I want to keep this…..simple. Continuing in the theme of Letting Go during Autumn, we can distill our inner work down to Letting Go, and making space to receive more good than we can imagine. Letting Go, and allowing, even welcoming, whatever is for our highest good….not knowing what that is. Letting Go, and feeling that exquisite present-ness which brings peace to the moment. It’s a choice.

So whenever you are feeling discordant, not harmonious or not peaceful, pause. Take a breath. Breath connects us with Spirit (inhalation=inspiration=In Spirit). Review what you are holding onto, or turning over in your mind. If it isn’t useful or loving, if you aren’t minding your own business or you are off your path and on someone else’s path, if you are thinking of someone else and what they are doing or thinking….let go. Just be willing, just forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, have compassion for yourself, hold the intention to let go and say, I let go. I let go of whatever I’m holding onto that is not serving my highest good. You don’t even need to know what it is.

Eventually you will let go, when your willingness and feeling of letting go reaches 51%. You may not even know when that happens. Just by making that choice over and over, by being willing and compassionate for how we hold on to a myriad of stuff as humans. Every time we are willing to let go, a bit of what we have been carrying around with us is emptied out of our energy field. At some point, we just have a wholesale release, we reach 51% or more….and we move into the present and into peace.

Just try it. Make some room in your life for the Universe to give you the blessings you want, the blessings that are for your highest good….make some room at your inn.