In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole, and complete.   — Louise Hay

The idea of a fractured, broken self is untrue in reality,  although it feels very real when we’re experiencing it. We think of reality as what our human self is experiencing. But our human reality is fleeting and temporary.  So everything here feels real – all the joy, all the pain, all the success, all the suffering….but it truly is temporary. Our human lives are only for a time. Our Spirit, the energy we are that animates our human body, is what is real, permanent, immortal, part of the Divine….the part of us that never dies. It transforms.  This is the infinity of life that Louise Hay is speaking of.

I find it useful to use the words temporary and unreal interchangeably. Human life is temporary (unreal) in the sense that it eventually endsOur Spirit is permanent and real (Spirit doesn’t end and neither does our Spirit, our energy). There is a phrase in metaphysics: Only the good is real. I finally understood and resolved this by understanding that the good is Spirit – God – Love… and that is permanent and that is what is real. While our human condition feels real, it is unreal in that it is temporary and will pass. Remembering our true loving nature can help us respond more compassionately to our human challenges and circumstances, and infuse whatever life we are having with more ease, light and joy.

It has often been said that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. The truth of our true being, our inherent nature of Love,  is that we are every moment whole perfect and complete.  Our human experience feels so very real,  and while we are here,  we must deal with our experiences and our pain. We pay attention to what hurts  first and always with extreme kindness and compassion to ourselves.  In this way, we begin to heal the rift we think has occurred between our human and Divine selves. We often feel so separate from our loving being…. but in actuality, that rift can never occur between our human self and our authentic, true spiritual eternal being. We just may temporarily be unable to feel “the rest of us” when we are so focused on our human experience and condition. We can never actually be separate from our Higher Self, from Spirit, from the Love that we are. We are always indivisibly a part of All that Is, Spirit, Love. We just don’t always remember it, or feel it. And that’s OK. It goes along with being human.  And we just keep coming back to who we really are as soon as we can. Willingness, kindness, love and compassion are the keys.

No matter how human we feel and no matter how much we feel all that goes along with being human, this lifetime provides us the opportunity to heal the separation between our human self and our Divine Self.  As we remember our true nature and feel it (often in baby steps), we feel and remember the truth of our wholeness. And as we feel our true being, our Higher Self, then we begin to feel and remember the Love we are. And since our true being is part of the Whole Oneness which is All Love, when we remember our wholeness we also remember the strength and power of that Love. Therein truly lies our healing….connecting with the power that comes from the sense of wholeness and the feeling and awareness that we are Love. And since Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, when we are anchored in the Love we Are, we are less likely to be knocked off our center, no matter what happens.

This is why Lao Tzu (an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer who is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching and the founder of philosophical Taoism) said:

Practice love until we remember we are love.