Hon Sha Za Sho Nen (a Reiki greeting meaning, the Divine within me recognizes the Divine within you)….

In last week’s blog I talked about the right time for everything.    There is also a right time to lose weight, begin right movement, whether that be yoga, walking, working out….and if we push ourselves before it’s time, we get frustrated that we don’t accomplish what we want, or that we can’t stick to our plan/expectations/program/diet. So what do we do?

Since everything starts in Spirit, and actually has to come to completion in Spirit before we see it in the visible, in our life….we have to start in Mind, in Spirit, which means working with our Higher Self. How do we do that?

One of the keys to healing (along with Love) is Willingness. We simply state to ourself something like this:  I am willing to move my body in the right way, I am willing to lovingly take care of my body in how I eat and how I move, I am willing to see the expression of my Higher Self in my body and my life, I am willing to let go of my resistance to taking loving care of myself, I am willing to love myself more than I can imagine. We decide what words resonate with us, we will know what feels right.

As with any affirmation, it isn’t the words that make the difference. We use the words to bring ourself to the feeling. And we must be at the feeling of being willing to take loving care of ourself, our body, at least 51%….and that allows the picture of what we want to actually appear in our body and our life. That allows the idea in Spirit, the desire, to complete and migrate into our life experience.  And remember, we are working toward the 51%. We are still human beings, as well as spiritual beings, and we have to have compassion for our humanity….we are not going to be perfect, and we are not meant  to be perfect in our human counterpart. Yes, our Spiritual Self is whole perfect and complete, which is why we want to be willing to have that loving energy flow into our body and our life unimpeded, but it’s not going to happen 100%….because we are still in human form. So we need to have compassion for the condition of being human!

I have used this technique over the years for so much of my healing. When I wanted to start to walk more regularly, go back to yoga, eat better, pay more attention to my nutrition, rest more, lose weight. We can look at the Pillars of Health: Right rest, right nutrition, right movement, right relationship within and without. We can be willing to hear which pillar is most important right now. When I ask people the question of which pillar of health really feels like they need to attend to right now, they are often surprised at the answer their Higher Self gives them, but it is always true. And then we work with that, willingly, trusting in the process.

And over the years, I actually did become more loving to myself. I do yoga regularly, walk regularly, sleep more, eat what feels most loving to me and lost 60 pounds. None of it happened quickly; I must have been willing to walk for two months before I started back walking. I had yoga in my mind for months, and then a friend mentioned Stephanie Barnhill’s yoga class  (best yoga teacher ever).   I was nearly 60 when the weight started coming off, about a pound a week, after being overweight for many years.

The Universe heard my desire and answered me…..easily, effortlessly, conveniently. At just the right time. I had to do my part: as I filled up with love and compassion for myself, it spilled over into expression, in just the right way, in just the right time. I am continually in wonder and awe at the Perfect Intelligence of which we are a part.