One of the beauties of being present is that it makes it easier to align with our Higher Self. Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle talk about being radically present, embracing what is presented in the present. Our work is always evident….whatever shows up in the present is where our work is, for this moment.
Anything we become good at, we practice….and we practice coming back.  Cheri Huber says: “With each moment, no matter what is going on, the practice is to find the willingness, the courage, the faith, and the compassion simply to come back to the present, come back to this heart, come back to this person, and not to give up just because it’s difficult.”
I think of being present as a constant “coming back”, because of course we wander off the present moment over and over again.  When we are willing to be present, and willingness is the key here, we clear the channel, the connection, the awareness, between our conscious human mind and the pure joy and harmony of our Higher Self, our true, eternal nature. Then there is no impediment to the love that we are flowing into our present experience, even if just for a moment or a glimmer. When we are being filled by the wellspring of Love that we naturally are, we fill up….and then we spill over that love to everyone and everything around us.
 When we and those we love are bathed in the infinite wellspring of Love, we are more able to feel their and our wholeness, rather than our and their damage. In truth, our true beings, our Higher Selves, are whole, perfect and complete….but it’s hard to remember and access that as we go about our human life. When we take a moment to breathe, just breathe…..and breath connects us with Spirit and our Spirit, our Higher Self……we remember, in a small part of our being, perhaps for just a moment, that all is well, we are well, we are whole perfect and complete.
As the song says, don’t get fooled again….but we will, and we will have compassion for ourselves, and we breathe, and we come back to present, once again, and the Love we are.

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