Many years ago, my metaphysics teacher Nick Lentine, told me to Just Love. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. How could I “just love” a husband (now ex) who wasn’t “making me” happy?! Wasn’t that his job? As I know now, that is my job, it was never his job. Maybe he always knew that, and while neither of us knew how to “just love” I see now that my ex was trying to love himself, in the best way he knew how….it just didn’t feel loving to me. And it was time to take responsibility for my own happiness.

We have relationships for many reasons….but one of them is to teach us about Love and loving ourself. The people who love me the most loved me until I could learn to love myself. When I was at my most despairing, sometimes the only thing that kept me from going off the rails was knowing that these two people saw something in me worth loving. And they knew all of me, I wasn’t pulling the wool over their eyes. But they held the duality of my human self and my Divine Self….until I opened my eyes to my Divine Self….and had compassion for my human self. Their love illuminated and reflected that place in me until I could see and experience my True Self for myself.

Just Love. It’s the most we can do and often the only thing we can do. Love to all of you.

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