In Chinese Medicine, Fall is the time of the Metal Element. We use metal to create infrastructure…and sometimes the old infrastructure has to be torn down to make way for the new. In fall, we “gather in” what we have grown during the Spring and Summer….and sort that which will serve and nourish us in the Winter to come.  We let go that which is not up to snuff, that which will not nourish us during hibernation and rest. There is often grief in letting go, but letting go is necessary to make room for more good. We must create the space to allow for the receiving.

Michael Gach is a wonderful acupressure teacher and says this about the Metal Element and Fall:

Imagine your body’s vast network,
Take energy into your lungs,
Let go of all that is unnecessary.
Receive and store energy, eliminate wastes.

The skin breathes…
Spicy foods open the pores:
Ginger, onions and garlic.

Let go of what is inside,
Cleaning mucus and toxins
Like the falling leaves, let go;
Grieving releases a loss.

Deepen your breathing,
Channel your energy;
Consciously use the tools you have been given.