Yesterday, I had a moment of experiencing our intrinsic, inextricable connection with the Divine in Walmart yesterday…..I actually went shopping on the Sunday before Christmas….just for household stuff, not gifts…..and I received a gift of infinite magnitude. I was thinking about an email I had received from a friend …..she has been dealing with some hard life blows lately, and she said she didn’t feel heard or seen by God. I know all is truly well, that she and her family are completely taken care of, that everything is working out for the good, no matter what it looks like in the moment…..and in that moment, I felt my/our indivisibility with the Divine, with the All….that just by virtue of being part of the loving energy of the All, of Source, and we can only be part of the tapestry of energy that exists, the All has to respond to us. When we pull on our thread, the whole of the tapestry responds to our tugging. The All doesn’t resist. Our human selves may resist, but not  Divine energy.  There is a saying I’ve never been able to attribute to anyone, but read long ago: “True love must needs a response”. We are true love, as our very nature, our true, Divine nature. When we ask, demand, request, tug at the All, there is absolutely a response. It cannot be any other way. It’s almost as if Source has no choice. Think of it any way you like… beloved children of God, the Universe, which is only Love, our benevolent Source only responds with love, without any question or judgment. The response may not look like what we expect (with our human mind), but it will be the exact response we need for our highest good. And only given out of pure Love.

We can slow down the process with our doubt and questioning….we can get in the way of receiving the gift that is always there for us, we can temporarily keep the love and support of the All at bay….but all we have to do is surrender our resistance and say Yes, thank you. Over and over and over again. The support and love and response of the loving Universe is limitless and infinite. Whether you feel it or believe it, or know it….or not.

Rumi said: “Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.” I find myself unable to accurately communicate the feeling of absolute connection, support, partnership, response. These words are a poor translation of those moments of Grace.

On this first day of Winter, I wish you more light and love than you can imagine receiving. Just say Yes.

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