For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…..a time to be born, and a time to die……”    —   Ecclesiastes 3:1

This is a very familiar scripture to many of us…..I have to admit, I first became aware of it listening to the Byrds 1965 tune “Turn! Turn! Turn!”  My scriptural education was a bit lacking….but for everything there is a right time.

As humans, we sometimes think we know the right time. I attended a Memorial Service today for a dear friend….she was a very spiritual being, full of light….and she would say in her last days, I don’t know why I’m still here. I’m ready!  And then we said what we both knew to be the truth: that she would cross over at the right time….and Perfect Intelligence knew when that was. While we are an indivisible part of All That Is, we are still human, and see through our human filters and desires…..and the right time may be something different from what we think.

I have wanted to write this newsletter; bits and pieces of what I wanted to say kept coming to me, I wanted to sit down and just get it done….but it wasn’t the right time.  I want to finish some website work, some computer work, some bookkeeping, some ironing, some housecleaning, some gardening….and in being kind, loving and compassionate to me, I ask, is it the right time? Maybe it’s the right time to sit and talk and laugh with my best friend, watch a movie with my husband, cuddle with our new kitty, take a nap, read a book, do some yoga stretches, or relax with a glass of wine. And maybe it’s time to clean the bathroom!

When I check in with that perfectly aware part of me, my Higher Self, the part of me that sees the whole picture, and  trust and honor my True Self,  then I stop pushing the river, stop pushing myself. And everything gets done… its right time. Easily, effortlessly, conveniently.

The Byrds Turn! Turn! Turn!

Little Bear