The New Year is starting, and with it, our anxiety. I teach a practice where I ask people to be present with me, just for a moment, just connect with me and let everything else go. The world is there, waiting for us outside of this moment.  I invite you to take just the next few seconds and be with me, in Spirit. Ready? And we start…..

 Breathe with me. Focus on being right here with me, in this bit of time, this bit of now. In this moment, right now, focusing together, all is well, all is well…if you really fall into this moment, inhabit this moment, everything is OK right in this slice of the now…right here, right now, nothing else happening but just this connection between you and me…..and All that Is, and we can feel it, tap into it, touch it,  simply by being present, right now, right now, this instant…..this is the importance and gift of being willing to be present, moment to moment….just be willing.

The Indian Philosopher Krishnamurti wrote in Freedom from the Known:

Afraid of the Past and the Future

“At the actual moment, as I am sitting here, I am not afraid; I am not afraid in the present, nothing is happening to me, nobody is threatening me or taking anything away from me. But beyond the actual moment there is a deeper layer in the mind that is consciously or unconsciously thinking of what might happen in the future or worrying that something from the past may overtake me. So I am afraid of the past and the future. I have divided time into the past and the future. Thought steps in, says, “Be careful it does not happen again,” or “Be prepared for the future. The future may be dangerous for you. You have got something now but you may lose it. You may die tomorrow; your wife may run away, you may lose your job. You may never become famous. You may be lonely. You want to be quite sure of tomorrow.””

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Pema Chodron addresses this when she speaks about Groundlessness….stay tuned….and remember…..all is well, all is truly well….this moment.