So….you might have noticed…. the energy has been a bit wild as we are on the down slope to Fall.  A lot happening all at once: the autumnal equinox falls on September 22, 2016 at 10:21 A.M. EDT. The yang of Summer is winding toward the yin of Fall.  We are in the last of the growth cycle, but already getting ready to harvest the fruits of the season, the fruits of our labors.  All of a sudden, the bottom seems to have fallen out of the hard hotness of summer.  We are still expanding, but already starting the contracting of the change of season. Mercury is retrograde until September 22 (what a non-coincidence!), so lots of old and unresolved (retro) issues are coming up for review and another look in this 9 year that is 2016 – the year of completion and resolution.  We need to clear the decks of all the debris we might be carrying around to create fertile ground in which to plant the seeds of the new beginnings of 2017. We need to empty, release, let go. We need to Love. We need to be ever so kind to ourself. We need to hold ourself with tenderness.

Pretty intense time. And still, we are held in the palm of the Universe, in the heart of Love. Still, we are Love. Still, All is Well.   Love to All.


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