September is here. Hermine is on the way. We are coming up to the Doyo, the 10 days before and after the change of seasons, a time of flux and transition. We move from the yang of summer into the first yin of fall, but still have the push/pull of the possibility of some fleeting yang of Indian Summer. A lot of energies flowing and ebbing, which may feel destabilizing.
Now is the time to ground our energy, connecting with the cosmos and the earth, anchoring between them. Our Higher Self and the Universe are the perfect balance of yin and yang. Here on earth in our human condition, we vacillate in the balance of yin and yang, affected by all that is happening around us and within us. Grounding helps us balance and handle the influx of any change, within or without.
A simple grounding technique is to imagine the energies above you in the heavens. Breathe in this swirl of energy through the top of your head. Breathe it all the way through your body down to your feet, and then down into the heart of the earth. Now breathe in the earth energy all the way up through your body. Just a few seconds several times during the day can stabilize and harmonize us.
Autumn arrives Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 10:21 AM EDT. After all the intensity of the year so far and the summer in particular, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Fall is the time of letting go, restructuring, making space. As we empty, we become more spacious. We will be able to rest and begin to renew in that space.

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