Thich Nhat Hanh says we “inter-are”. We are part of everything else.  His “I Am That” exercise reminds us we are a part of everything, part of the Oneness. Everything, including Us, makes up the Oneness. We are indivisible from the All, but individualized in our human, visible expression.

We don’t function all on our own, we can’t do it all on our own. For those of us in the business of helping others heal, this is a hard lesson to accept. We come smack up against our ego. Somehow, we want to think we don’t need the help others need, somehow we should be able to do it all alone, if we were really accomplished healers. So not true….just the ego speaking. But usually, we have to be brought to our knees to reach out and ask for and even more importantly, receive and say yes to the help we of course need, like everyone else. Putting ourselves on pedestals benefits on one, especially ourselves. We all have feet of clay. After all, we are human, as well as Divine.

I had a life changing health diagnosis 3-1/2 years ago. Yes, I changed some things immediately. Yes, I was willing to take loving care of myself……I thought. We do things in baby steps. I am no exception. So over the course of the last three years, I inched my way toward expanding my idea of what it meant to take loving care of myself, and accepting the healing modalities available to me.  (A dear friend once told me I was the most stubborn person she knew…..I was mystified. I had a lot to learn.)

My Higher Self and the Universe took things (and me) in hand a year ago, and I was felled once again. And finally, I surrendered. Finally, I let go. Finally, I said I have no idea what to do, how to heal, I give us and ask for and receive help. I said Yes. And the healing energy flowed in to guide me through the next steps of my healing….and it entailed reaching out and asking – and receiving – help.

Over the last year I have garnered the most wonderful group of healers in a loving sphere around me. I’ve written about some of them before: Karen Romanchek, Massage Therapist; Julia Wilkins, Chiropractor; Diane Mack, Holistic Esthetician; Lisa Fields, Therapist; Mary Margaret Steele, Reflexologist; and now Michelle Zane of Health Points Acupuncture in Wake Forest. And then there is Amy Cherico, Intuitive; Chris Dollar, Gentle Feather Farm; Stephanie Barnhill, Yoga Teacher, Dr. Cunningham, Duke ENT, and all my students who teach me while I teach them.  What an amazing swirling energy vortex we have right here in the Wake Forest area with so many highly skilled and caring health and energy professionals.

During my acupuncture treatment last week, the peace and connection that had been eluding me in the last couple of weeks flowed into my heart, under the talented and compassionate hands of Michelle Zane.  I was so grateful I had dropped my resistance, that I said Yes, that I allowed myself to receive.  Being willing was as much a part of my healing as the actual treatments and people, which were symbols in and of themselves of the loving answer Spirit was giving me in response to my request.

I am properly humbled by my need for assistance from others.  I love the orchestration of how I and all these people came to this area and found each other, all guided by our inner wisdom. We just have to listen. Little did we know what connections would be revealed for the highest good of all concerned. The Universe must be delighted with Its handiwork. I know I am, and eternally grateful.





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