The waves of energy have been very challenging as we approach the shore of Fall, sometimes crashing rather than flowing.  It seems timely to talk about how we do get help when we need it – since so many of us need it RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes we or someone close to us will be in extreme distress.  We all experience this from time to time. Something in our human life causes us to be very troubled: we need a job, we want resolution to a difficult situation, we need money, we feel suffering or angst in our heart or mind and need relief – and we need it NOW.   We have a deadline. The Universe always responds to us.

Everything has to happen in Spirit (the invisible) before a projection, picture or image of the resolution can be made visible in our human world.  So our first go-to would be to address the Universe in no uncertain terms. We can say: I need help NOW! I need to find a job this week! I have rent to pay next week! I am ready for this situation to resolve NOW! I need to know if I should move/take this apartment/buy/sell this house NOW! I must find the check I misplaced NOW!  I am/my  friend/family member is in dire straits and needs help NOW! You get the idea.

We send an SOS when we really really need help RIGHT NOW – really and truly  and absolutely need help right now.

The next – and very important step – is to say:  And I receive help NOW! Thank you!

So we ask, and receive, in the same breath. We state with confidence (at least 51%!) that of course, once we have given permission to the Universe to pull out all the stops and put everything together that we can’t even fathom in response to our SOS, of course we will receive the answer, without fail.  We ask, we do everything we need to do,  we do our part, we let go in confidence, we make space to receive the answer, and we persist in the trust and certainty that everything is being put together to answer our request. We just don’t know what the answer will look like.

I have seen this work uncountable times. Sometimes I ask for people, and I teach them to ask for themselves. Sometimes I ask the Angels to help immediately. However it feels good to you to ask (and receive) is the best way for you.

The Universe has to respond to us, we are indivisibly connected.  We just can’t expect the solution to look a certain way – that expectation is our human voice, our ego, getting in the way.  But rest assured, we will receive an answer. And the resolution will be for our highest good.

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