How many times have you said: I should do this, I should do that…..exercise more, eat better, sleep more, be kinder….and we all wonder how to do more of what we think we  “should do”. I say, we have to start where everything comes from – in Spirit. Which means, using the Love that we are, as part of the All, the Universe, Source, All that Is, God, Spirit.  We use the energy that we are. We begin by moving that energy with our thought, our intention. Such as: I am WILLING to take loving care of my body. I LOVE walking. I LOVE going to Yoga. I LOVE being kind to myself in every way possible. I love getting all the sleep I need.

Believe it or not, this really works. At just the right time. Even though we don’t know when that is, but we might believe it “should” occur at a certain time, or we “should” be motivated to do whatever we think we “should” do.  The right time is when we are filled up with enough good feeling that it floats us to do what is for our highest good. Much more effortlessly than forcing ourselves unkindly with “shoulds”….shoulding on ourself is never loving.

What I love about metaphysics is that it’s provable. Try the science experiment. See how engaging the Universe, of which you are an indivisible part, creates a response. Of course, not always the response we want or expect (more shoulding, this time on the Universe!) but always a response. But we have to do our part, then let go, and make space, make room to receive the completed resolution. It will drop in our lap, if we are 51% sure everything is all taken care of – not without our input, but co-creating with our input. Each of us is but a drop of water in the vast ocean, but the ocean would be less and incomplete without our drop. It takes all of us to be the ocean. We inter-are, as Thich Naht Hanh says.

My favorite quote about this power that we are is from Rumi:

You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.
So many spiritual teachers say what we are really afraid of is our power. True power is that connection with the Universe – that’s where all the love is, that’s what we are, in our Higher Self. The more we merge with our Higher Self (through willingness and allowing) the more we express the love we are. Therein is true power. Love is the strongest force in the Universe. Way more powerful than temporary human, aggressive power that always dissipates eventually.

Every time we are willing about anything, and affirm it, we may not feel it in the moment (and usually don’t when we start this process), but we are laying in a gossamer wing of good feeling. Lay in enough gossamer wings, and eventually we reach critical mass, 51%.  We just need to get to that  51% certainty that whatever the current situation we are working with is all taken care of, perfectly. This takes letting go and persisting in the trust. I prefer that thought to patience.

Once we’ve  we reach the 51%  – and we may not even know we’re there until we see the manifestation – this allows the Universe to drop into our lap whatever is for our highest good. Not necessarily what we think “should” happen, but what is just right, whether we know what that is or not. And it’s always for our highest good and our benefit, no matter what it looks like.

As Notes from the Universe says:

One of my favorite things about time and space is that absolutely NOTHING can ever happen there that can’t be seen as a blessing in some wonderful way.

Perspective rules,
The Universe

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